Majmua Attar – Natural Attar Oil


Majmua Attar, one of the topmost Indian attar, is originated in the Kannauj City of Uttar Pradesh, India. The attar oil blends well with the sandalwood oil.

  • Pure Concentrated Non-Alcoholic Halal Certified Islamicattar
  • Highly long lasting
  • Religious as well as casual use
  • An indigenous Indian scent
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How Majmua Attar is Produced?

Majmua attar is designed utilizing Hydro-distillation process of the flower of the plant. In the closing production of Majmua, different unbelievable attars such as sandalwood, Khas, Keora, etc. play a significant role.

What are the purposes of Majmua Attar Oil?

Majmua attar contains some vast healing specialties so used broadly across a difference of products that are used for this purpose.

Separate from that Majmua is deeply considered in both Muslim(Islam) and Hindu populations for the religious and spiritual goals.

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