Motia Attar


Buy Online Motia attar 100% pure and halal, natural and organic Jasmine Sambac & Attars from Islamicattar shop origin Kannauj, India.

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Origin Kannauj, India

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What is Motia Attar?

Motia Attar is the natural attar and perfume oil extracted from the palmarosa plant relating to varieties of grass? The Motia Attar is taken by the method of steam distillation or water distillation from the plant. The Botanical Name of Motia Attar is Jasmine Sambac.

USES of Moita Attar

The Motia Attar detects usage in the cosmetic industry for scenting soaps. It is too applied in the tobacco industry for flavoring tobacco. Moreover, the sharp and sweet essence of this attar presents it to be utilized as the end note or highest note in the production of various perfumes.

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