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Where to Buy Rose Water? Rose Water Wholesale Suppliers

There are many people ask a question about rose water that where to buy rose water. We recommend you to buy rose water. The “Kannauj City” of India is one of the best places to buy rose water bulk and rose water wholesale from manufacturers and suppliers. The Kannauj is a well-known famous city for essential oil and attar perfumy industry across the World.

The distillation manufacturing process of Kannauj which extracted from fresh rose flowers of best rose water. Rosewater used for many things like rosewater for face, rose water for hair, rose water for cooking, rose water for eyes, soap flavors rose water, etc. Where the many buyers come across the world to buying rose water bulk online at wholesale rate.

Buy Rose Water wholesale from the online shop of Islamic Attar is an authentic and trustworthy place to buying a best rose water bulk. We are on the top destination based in Kannauj City.

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Best Perfume Oil in The World

Oud perfume oil is the best in the World. It is known as the best smelling perfume world. Agarwood essential oil is one the best perfume oil in the world known also as oud oil, agarwood oud oil is one of the most expensive, excellent and certainly most expensive perfume oils in existence nowadays. Agarwood is sometimes called Gaharu. The oud essential oil is obtained from the heartwood of the agarwood tree. There are different popular species but typically aquilaria malaccensis, Aquilaria or aquilaria agallocha crassna are utilized to make the oil. Agarwood is natural to India as well as various areas of South East Asia including Vietnam, the Philippines, and Indonesia.

Agarwood or Gaharu as it is known in various countries of Asian is a gummy heartwood that sometimes happens in trees relating to the species Aquilaria (Family of Thymelaeceae). Aquilaria is a fast-growing, antiquated subtropical tree of the forest, with a population area pulling from South Asia’s Himalayan foothills, during Southeast Asia, moreover inside the rainforests of Papua New Guinea. It arises at mountains from some meters over sea level to regarding 1000 meters, with approx. 500 meters being most ideal. Aquilaria can progress on a broad range of clays, including lower sandy soil. Seedlings need an excellent deal of shadow and water but will develop immediately, designing flowers and seeds as quick as four years old. At most limited fifteen varieties of Aquilaria are known to compose the much sought-after agarwood in South Asia, especially India, Aquilaria achalloga is discovered. Aquilaria malaccensis is frequently known from Indonesia and Malaysia, while Aquilaria crassna arises principally in Indochina. Various others are also known, such as Aquilaria great folio, Aquilaria Chinese, etc., though these are comparatively minor varieties for agarwood production.

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Where to Buy Non Alcoholic Perfumes Attar? | Islamicattar, Kannauj

Adhering to the Islamic tradition of all Muslims use non-alcoholic perfumes attar and essential oils. There are one of the biggest reason that Mohammad Prophet Sallallahu Alahe Wa Sallam said that Islam does not allow you to use alcoholic perfumes and attar or other types of alcoholic products made from alcohol. Alcohol is haram in Islam.

Traditionally in the Muslims Countries world, it occurred a traditional method of prominence to offer attar and perfume oil to their guests on the occasion is of their departure. The attars were traditionally in beautiful small glass cut containers called as Attardans. Attardans is also made from the wooden box which is charming this tradition of giving mounting to one’s guests persists to this day in various sections of the Eastern world.

Attar is one of the most famous also known as the name of superior fragrance perfumes oil and beloved superiority for Muslims over the earth. There is barely any Muslim house approximately the world, where you discover the lack of attar. Attar traditionally known by the name from Ittar, these highly long lasting perfumes are available for selling in all markets over the world in miniature decorated bottles. The extract is to such a level that the fragrance will last you many weeks if not use’s months. Attar is produced from natural and pure oil and therefore there are very little possibilities of it taking spoiled, so giving the product longer shelf life.

The Islamic attar shop is one of the authentic places to buy non-alcoholic perfume, Attar? Islamicattar Kannauj offers halal and high-grade natural oil-based perfume attar. When you visit the website to buy halal perfume oils on Islamicattar shop certified ensure you will get pure natural attar perfume and oils which is a trustworthy place where people come to buy in Kannuaj city from across the world? Kannauj is one of the largest market industries of essential oils and attar.

Also Visit Kannauj Attar

These 100% natural and pure perfumes oils are free from alcohol and synthetic chemicals and such the difficulties faced in the West by perfume amateurs are irrelevant to most Eastern fragrance beloveds. Natural perfumes oils are affordable because they are so purposeful that a small bottle will last the user many weeks, if not months. Due to the pureness and the quality of attar oils, there is precious little prospect of decay unless a food-based transport oil is used to cut the concentrated pure oil.

If we talk regarding other shopping places or online stores which offering attar and perfume at a low price. But many people reviewed and bought perfume from those stores their perfume quality is not good and purity can not stable long-time that they offer low-quality synthetic mixed perfumes, which makes from alcohols. These type of online shop does not provide halal attar perfumes and other products. We recommend many people to buy perfumes from the certified Islamicattar shop.



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What is Alcoholic and Non Alcoholic Perfumes?

Attar is made up of natural essential oils. Perfume made up with Alcohol It is one of the main elements of perfume. The oil must be higher in concentration with alcohol. The other elements of perfume include different aromas and water. Water is added to the perfume to balance the concentration. A strong perfume contains 15-20% essential oil. Eau de Toilette is commonly used perfume with 5-8% of oil.

Perfumes are produced up of essential oils and alcohol. Alcohol is the main ingredients of the perfume. The oil needs to be raised in collection with alcohol. The additional ingredients of perfume introduce several fragrances and water. The liquid is joined to the perfume to adjust the concentration. A solid perfume contains 15-20% essential oil. Eau de Toilette is regularly applied perfume by 5-8% of oil.

There is a specific role of alcohol in the perfume. Alcohol is joined to the perfume to produce the fragrance smell stronger. When there is a low interest of essential oil in perfume then alcohol is blended. Eau de Cologne fragrances have the cheapest oil company and that’s why alcohol is combined with the colognes to make them perfume stronger. The order less alcohol is applied in perfumes. It is also appreciated as ethanol. Special denatured or alcohol has addictives and it is extremely hard to get. A substitute for alcohol is ever clear.

Everclear is a brand name alcohol” It is a product of pure grain alcohol and includes 95 percent of alcohol. Those are used in alcoholic perfumes. Alcoholic Low Perfume concentrates very lastingly than non-alcoholic perfume. If you spray those perfumes on your body they smell powerful but after an hour or two, the perfumes start losing their perfume. You won’t be ready to scent these aromas after 3-4 hours completely. As there is no alcohol in Non-alcoholic fragrances so these perfumes do not concentrate quick and stay last long. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic perfumes oils have a difference in their packaging including pricing as well. Greatest of the non- alcoholic perfumes come in tiny bottles. Those bottles are pretty plain and usual. On the contrary, alcoholic fragrances appear with beautiful packaging. The bottles containing alcoholic perfumes are highly charming and uniquely designed. Those perfumes come in several quantities and patterns. Alcoholic perfumes are highly attractive and commercially sold, that’s why these perfumes have high pricing.

Original perfumes are very famous amongst mellowed people however new production continues after industrial fragrances just because of its packaging. There are several purposes why somebody prefers non-alcoholic perfumes above alcoholic perfumes. One of the principal purposes, why somebody prefers non-alcoholic perfumes, is faith as Islam prevents alcohol and that’s why people following Islamic traditions they don’t apply alcoholic fragrances. A different purpose is a skincare as alcoholic fragrances and goods can damage your skin poorly. Some people don’t like alcoholic perfumes just because they like natural things.

Alcohol in Perfume is Haram According to Islam

Islam does not allow any alcoholic beverage to be used in perfume. It is usually prohibited in the Quran by various separate verses manifest at several times above a period of years. Alcoholic products are as haram for Muslims.  If a Muslim wants to be cautious, they can use attar and oil-based perfumes which are halal and 100% alcohol-free natural, that can be used. When are they going to attend prayers while namaz?

If you desire to purchase non-alcoholic perfumes online then you should check out and there are several other sections and you can compare these sites and their prices. Once you compare these sites you can place an order and get your favorite perfume at your doorstep.

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Best Attars in India 100% Natural Attar Halal

Best traditional attars in India and in the World 100% natural halal Islamic attar.

  1. Shamama Attar,
  2. Ruh Gulab (Rose Attar)
  3. Ruh Khus Attar
  4. Black Oud Attar of Agarwood oil
  5. Mitti Attar
  6. Musk Attar

   1. Shamama Attar

Shamama attar is a very famous and traditional attar in India, and it has a deep formula for every producer of fragrances. It includes 20+ various herbs and spices blended collectively in several ratios, which go inside the water distillation still.

The Shamama Attar is broadly praised for its lasting scent, non-allergic and exotic perfumes. Shamama Attar is surely one of the most demanded fragrance in India or across the world. Kannauj, a historic city based in Uttar Pradesh, India is known as “The Attar City” and has been producing the world’s best fragrances from decades. Shamama is a traditional attar in India.

And it is wrong to consider regarding Shamama as a blend of various natural oils – it is actually a co-distillate product.

First, we use 8-10 herbs of spices, set them into the still named “deg” known as (Patila) with water, and start a fire below the still to boil water. It’s essential to maintain the temperature quite right during the process. The water steam comes by a bamboo pipe named “Bansh ka chonga”, from the “deg” inside the “bhapka Deg on Bhatti” (receiver), in which a specific layer of oils is produced to catch the aroma fragments.

   2. Ruh Gulab (Rose Attar)

Ruh Gulab is a pretty elaborate, sweet flowery scent. The Rose (Ruh Gulab) attar we have done tried to take the fragrance of Rose Damascena. The floral rosy natural with a long fragrance is certainly excellent. Ruh proposes a spirit or essence. Rose is called Gulab in the Urdu language.

Ruh Gulab Attar

      3. Ruh Khus Attar

Ruh Khus attar, also known as natural vetiver attar, has nervous method maintaining and uplifting qualities, presenting it an excellent choice for helping to reduce stress and depression. Its balancing influence treats ease apprehensive tension and extreme power while helping to focus the mind, to coordinate scattered ideas and to succeed intellectual fatigue. A natural tranquilizer, it can also help with sleep and sleeplessness attention. Its excellent grounding qualities make ruh khus attar and essential oil an overall efficient choice for emotional centering.

Mixes well with- Ylang-ylang oil, sandalwood.
Composition: 100% Pure Ruh Khus attar, Vetiver attar & Essential Oil
Plant Part: roots
Origin: Kannauj, India


      4. Black Oud Attar of Agarwood oil

Attar Oud is one of the most expensive fragrances in India and across the World. Black oud attar is extracted from agarwood in India which also known as the name of (Oudh) oud (denial of oud) in Arabic Countries. Oud or agarwood is one of the most famous perfumes in the market today. Oud is said to be the most expensive perfume oils of agarwood; oud oil’s cost is evaluated to be 1.5 times the cost of gold, and it is sometimes suggested to as ‘liquid gold’. Powerful and Rich, sweet of oud, woody fragrance is instantly recognizable.


Composition: 100% Natural Agarwood oud attar & Essential Oil
Plant Part: roots
Origin: Kannauj, India

    5. Mitti Attar

Mitti Attar is a traditional aromatic perfume based on wet earth in rains of the scent of scorched earth hydro-distilled in creamy high-quality Indian sandalwood.

  • Musk Attar

Musk attar is a perfume ingredient, or “natural”, traditionally derived from the anal gland of the male musk deer. In large concentrations, it smells like feces. And the ingredient evaporates slowly, so the smell lasts a long time. There are other natural musks, from similarly fecal sources, with similar smells.

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What is Attar? How To use Attar in Islam Muslimah?

Attar is also well-known as an ittar (Hindi/Urdu word), is an essential oil derived from botanical sources. Which are most usually these oils are extracted via a hydro or steam distillation process. Attar is one of the Prized Possession of a prophetic tradition which applied in Islam for Muslimah. Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam used to use Attar much. It was very fond of spraying them. There is every Muslim family use attar when they out of the home and during for the Namaz. There is scarcely any home of Muslimah where you won’t find Attar. The pure fragrance of attar is very fast. And therefore are commonly advised for sale in tiny quantities and have traditionally been given in painted glass cut variety bottles or small jeweled decanters. Attar is so intensive that a little bottle will last the user for many weeks if not months. Due to the pureness and the nature of oils, there are very few chances of a waste unless food-based carrier oil is mixed to cut the real pure oil.

Traditionally in the Eastern world, it was a conventional method of greatness to offer attar to their guests on the occasion of their departure. The attars were traditionally delivered in gorgeous small glass cut bottles called as Attardans. This tradition of providing mounting to one’s guests remains to this day in several sections of the Eastern world.


How to Apply Islamic Attar

The suggested way to use attar is to Dab Attar on to your pulse ends (below earlobes, wrists, the forearm of the neck etc.) It is much strong so a small covers a long way. It is advised to apply Attar on the ulnar aorta to observe its aroma and Ruh (spirit). Attar can smear on clothes. So take care not to apply attar with applicator or scroll over your clothes. Preferably, you can use a little attar on your finger and spread above your clothes. Learn little!  Attar is a very strong fragrance and lasts a long time

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Most Expensive Attar in India

Attar Oud is one of the most expensive fragrances in India and across the World. Black oud attar is extracted from agarwood in India which also known as the name of (Oudh) oud (denial of oud) in Arabic Countries. Oud or agarwood is one of the most famous perfumes in the market today. Oud is said to be the most expensive perfume oils of agarwood in the world; oud oil’s cost is evaluated to be 1.5 times the cost of gold, and it is sometimes suggested to as ‘liquid gold’. Powerful and Rich, sweet of oud, woody fragrance is instantly recognizable. Attar made in India Kannauj is a historical city to producing a broad quantity of attars and essential oils. It is one of the most famous places all around the world to manufacturing which also well-known as a King city of fragrances.

If someone wants to take a high-grade halal 100% alcohol-free natural attars which made in Kannauj city of Uttar Pradesh India. Visit Islamic attar is a full certified online shop of Islamic attar and perfume provided 100% natural attars.