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What is Attar? How To use Attar in Islam Muslimah?

Attar is also well-known as an ittar (Hindi/Urdu word), is an essential oil derived from botanical sources. Which are most usually these oils are extracted via a hydro or steam distillation process. Attar is one of the Prized Possession of a prophetic tradition which applied in Islam for Muslimah. Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam used to use Attar much. It was very fond of spraying them. There is every Muslim family use attar when they out of the home and during for the Namaz. There is scarcely any home of Muslimah where you won’t find Attar. The pure fragrance of attar is very fast. And therefore are commonly advised for sale in tiny quantities and have traditionally been given in painted glass cut variety bottles or small jeweled decanters. Attar is so intensive that a little bottle will last the user for many weeks if not months. Due to the pureness and the nature of oils, there are very few chances of a waste unless food-based carrier oil is mixed to cut the real pure oil.

Traditionally in the Eastern world, it was a conventional method of greatness to offer attar to their guests on the occasion of their departure. The attars were traditionally delivered in gorgeous small glass cut bottles called as Attardans. This tradition of providing mounting to one’s guests remains to this day in several sections of the Eastern world.


How to Apply Islamic Attar

The suggested way to use attar is to Dab Attar on to your pulse ends (below earlobes, wrists, the forearm of the neck etc.) It is much strong so a small covers a long way. It is advised to apply Attar on the ulnar aorta to observe its aroma and Ruh (spirit). Attar can smear on clothes. So take care not to apply attar with applicator or scroll over your clothes. Preferably, you can use a little attar on your finger and spread above your clothes. Learn little!  Attar is a very strong fragrance and lasts a long time