Shamama Attar


Buy online Shamama Attar – Halal 100% Alcohol-Free Natural Islamic Attar. The Shamama Attar is broadly appreciated for its long-lasting aroma, alcohol-free natural and exotic scents.

Shamama Attar is one of the most in-demand absolutely fragrance across the world.

Pure: halal 100% Alcohol-Free Natural Attars

Certified: Islamic attar

Origin: Kannauj, India.

Produced using traditional extraction methods

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Shamama attar is produced using agarwood, a famous healing herb and incense ingredient of antiquity. It magnifies the method of transformation, spiritual fullness.

Islamic  Shamama Attar For Unisex – Pure Alcohol-Free Natural Attars 100% authentic Shamama Attar made in Kannauj. Know the price, where to use, how to apply and much more. We are known for catering the 

  • Charming, Sensual, Warm and Distinctive Masculine Fragrance
  • It has a spicy and Pure floral attar made from natural ingredients.

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