Mitti Attar – Most Famous Indian Attar


Mitti Attar is the fragrance of rain thumping dry land or petrichor. Mitti Attar is a traditional sweet-smelling scent of burned earth hydro-distilled in rich, high-quality Indian sandalwood. This light base note gets along with any other attar and provides its beauty to create a perfume with a light base.

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Pure Islamic Attar – Alcohol-Free Natural Attars 

Origin: Kannauj, India.

Manufactured using traditional extraction halal methods


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Attar making process is an artwork in Kannauj district and joining to this, we have caught the essence of the first rain in the container which has gained global attention and is famous as “Mitti Attar” or Petrichor Essential oil.

Quickly it became one of the most traditional scents found in Kannauj. Mitti Attar has recently been very famous and covered through global media for its different perfume comparable to the fragrance of wet earth. The soothing, pleasant fragrance invokes a spirit of regeneration. Our Mitti Attar is made from the baked earth of the Ganga.

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