Ruh Gulab Rose Attar


The Rose oil (Ruh Gulab) attar we have done tries to take the fragrance of Rose Damascena. The floral rosy natural with a long fragrance is certainly excellent ارتفع العطر الطبيعي النقي النفط. Ruh proposes a spirit or essence. Rose is called Gulab in the Urdu language.

Pure: halal 100% Alcohol-Free Natural Attars

Certified by: Islamic attar -عطر زيت الورد الطبيعي

Origin: Kannauj, India.

Produced using traditional extraction methods

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Ruh Gulab is a pretty elaborate, sweet flowery scent. The prominence of Rose Flower Absolute of being a need ingredient in fragrances is well deserved. Rosa Damascena Absolute is essential to record that all absolutes are very concentrated by nature. They should not be appraised in this position unless you are conventional to the undiluted scent. It is also known as Gulab Attar in the Urdu language. It is made from fresh flowers and proper for all weathers and is used in Sweet supari, Cosmetic Products and Cosmetics mixtures. Rose oil collected from the Rosa Damascena fresh flowers, cultivated in Knnauj, Uttar Pradesh. Mughal Emperor Jahangir wife’s Noorjahan is famous for holding invented the attar of Roses (Gulab).

Rose perfume oil natural derived distillation process from red rose.


Moisturizing, improve dry skin

Extract the plant essence, light and delicate texture, easy to absorb Fragrant fragrance, it is a nice mood versatile:

(1) Face Care –  1-3 drops in disinfectant foam, water, lotion, cream, a face mask to use.

(2) Hair care – 5 drops in water to wash your hair, or drop in shampoo and conditioner to use in or directly to
massage the scalp

(3) Body care – Bubble bath, or add to the bath water foot, or add a body moisturizer to massage the body

(4) Environmental care – It can also spray perfume into the environment, make the air fragrant.


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