Jasmine Attar


Known for its amazingly alluring fragrance, Jasmine Attar is a globally famous & in-demand natural and original attar that is a luxurious, fruity and bit complex.

It is essential and derived through traditional halal ways that make it more special. The Jasmine Attar also brings the rich tone of Jasmine and sandalwood. It is one of the finest attar oil & fragrance available in today’s time.

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Jasminum Grandiflorum, also known from the different name as the Royal jasmine, Spanish jasmine, Catalan jasmine, between others, is a variety of jasmine native to South Asia, the peninsula of Arabian, Northeast Africa, the African Great Lakes, and the Sichuan and Yunnan areas of China.

Jasmine is a plant that relates to the Oleaceae species. With more than 200 varieties expanded all over the world, this magnificent plant is natural to tropical and temperate regions of the so-called ancient World. The deciduous frutex can reach up to 4 m in height producing little fragile white flowers expanding its sweet fragrance all around it. It is broadly farmed both for its fragrance for the industry of perfumery as well as for ornamental purposes. A garden including jasmine flowers on fences or walls can make a portion of Paradise closer to your home.


Signifying red-brown in color this attar is one of the top materials that blend well beside the sandalwood essential oil-producing in a matchless exotic flowering aroma that effortlessly stands out from the entire the others. Despite its secondary name of “flowers King” marks the same thing.


Producers apply the hydro-distillation process to derive this attar by utilizing the flowers of the plant.


Medicinal use: the corporation of Jasmine and Sandalwood gives a notably useful mixture that invites relaxation possessing positive outcomes in healing stress, depression, and insomnia. Parturient women need to ask for the specialist information of a physician before applying this kind of product.

Cosmetic: Due to the experience that the Attar is so expensive, the industry of perfume is utilizing it and promoting it widely. It is why we can discover the miraculous fragrance of this attar in several body-care products, several high-grade perfumes applying it as the main note.

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