Patchouli Attar

Charming Fragrances! Ideal For Aromatherapy And Massage!
100% Natural and Organic Elements, Exotic original perfume oil Useful Remedial Properties! Alcohol-free and plant-based certified by IslamicAttar Kannauj, India



Patchouli is a long sustained that is a part of the Labiatae family, which blends lavender, mint, including philosopher. Its origin is discovered to Southeast Asia and is widely planted in various India, Indonesian Islands, the Philippines, China, Malaysia, and South America. The oil derived from the plant’s leaves is famous for its long, musky and earthy scent. While it is utilized broadly around the world, the fragrance of Patchouli is nowadays often affiliated with the very cheap quality or synthetic fragranced used in the 60s. Because of this, some bodies have a robust hostility to it. Careless of your personal belief, it is significant to retain that there is so much more to this oil than just its fragrance.


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