Mukammal Attar

Mukammal attar is a pleasant floral inspired with fragrances of a garden leading into a heart of heated spices which slowly rest on an ambery musky base to immerse the wearer in a riddle.

Fragrance Type – Unisex
Packaging Type – Bottle
Color – Brown
Brand Name – Islamic Attar
Top Notes – Fresh Spicy
Middle Notes Woody
Base Notes – Amber Woody

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This is a very rich fragrance oil. It is a well-balanced mixture of valuable distillations of flowers, herbs, spices, roots, and woods. This unisex fabulous perfume obtained you peace and calmness. Every drop of Mukammal is a comprehensive journey of exploration. It begins with a fresh sweet spicy note. The heart of this oriental concentrate is decorated with fine roses. The base is reinforced with amber, incense, and woody elements.


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