Blue Lotus Attar


Blue Lotus Attar gave has in it an excellent Indian of elegant Blue Lotus perfect that is fulfillment in pure natural and halal Mysore sandalwood oil. A “fabulous receiver,” it has in it the powers to attract as well as hold onto the scent of other aromatics. The light, penetrating & heavenly notes of Blue Lotus that is mixed into rich, warm depths of Indian sandalwood oil also delivers it interesting as well as the various way to enjoy its essence.

Pure: Halal Attar 100% Alcohol-Free Natural

Color: Exciting essence,

Fragrance: Exotic floral aroma

Certified: Islamic attar

Origin: Kannauj, India.



History  of  Blue Lotus Attar

Lotus Absolute is also usually known in India as pink radical. Pink Lotus is a sacred flower of Islamic, Hinduism and Buddhism religion. Besides, it matched Frankincense as it has the strength to initiate the airways increasing the breath thus raising relaxation and sangfroid. Greek and roman used this to cure asthma, rheumatism, etc

How To Use  It

Feeling high pain, there is a spirit of being immoral or not desirable plenty to quiet, easy moving. The care is all forgotten as if in a vision. You are ready to feel intensely and feel the pain without it disrupting you. There is a feeling of detachment without disconnect

Additional information

Net Quantity

5ml, 10ml


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