Mukhallat Attar

Attar Mukhallat brings us the fragrance with fruity top note of sweet peaches, mild spice of bergamot and floral texture notes of magnolia flowers and heart note of white lilies with a touch of oozing caramel and a luxurious, deep, earthy patchouli, while the base note includes a magnificent blend of bittersweet vanilla and musk with the richness & warmth of amber – all of which have been blended well together to create the perfect aroma

Mukhallat attar is considered as one of the finest floral attars made.

Pure: 100% Alcohol-Free Natural Attars

Certified Brand Name Islamic attar

Origin: Kannauj, India.

Produced using traditional extraction methods


Mukhallat attar and oil, fruity sweet attractive of the blend. Heart notes of caramel and patchouli supply way to vanilla, amber, and musk.

It has a rich floral scent and sweet words worthy of the royale perfumes. The fragrance is focusing and balancing and improves one gravitate toward simplicity and self-referral.


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