Attar Noor (العطور الإسلامية)


Buy online Islamic attar Noor halal 100% Alcohol-Free Natural. The mesmerizing fragrance of Jasmine and Apple for men and women.

Nature of Attar is what especially inspires our fragrance productions. Our aromatic mixtures are based on diversified sentiments, emotions, and experiences.

Pure: halal 100% Alcohol-Free Natural Attars

Certified: Islamic attar

Origin: Kannauj, India.

Produced using traditional extraction methods


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Fragrances of Islamic attar are a blend of Science & Art, and it carries years of hard task and perseverance to produce individually commercially successful and aesthetically well-balanced Fragrance.

The capacity to consolidate a group of particles from a palette containing thousands of Fragrant Ingredients is the effect of experience and knowledge, which is mixed from one generation to another.



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